Update #1

Unfortunately, I have not been doing a good job with keeping up with this blog as of late. But, just like most good things, bad things can come to an end too. What better way to proclaim the end of my absence than an update post? That’s called making a change; or, not being lazy/forgetful (but I prefer “making a change”).

For the third summer in a row, I worked at a local child care center where I hang out with 5-9 year olds, making sure – for the most part – they don’t die. While it’s a very rewarding job and there some great kids there (AKA my favorites), I was disappointed in not having an opportunity to pursue experiences in a more literary career based setting (i.e. publishing, literary agencies, communications).

I did attempt to make this wish a reality earlier this year, applying to both the Cleveland Magazine and Cleveland Museum of Art for an internship. However, both places seemed to ignore my application. I called the Cleveland Magazine several times and they never returned my call. And the Cleveland Art Museum gave me a confirmation email about my materials being received, and even replied to one of my inquiries, but alas, they never told me either way. Apparently, the professional world in Cleveland is a very passive place.

Because of all this, I couldn’t help but feel my professional development was halted this summer. I often felt inadequate in comparison with some of my friends who were off pursuing incredible opportunities in their field while I went on a field trip to the Zoo with a bunch of elementary school kids. This feeling of inadequacy can certainly weigh a lot at times. I even remember joking with my mom: “Will you still love me if I’m a failure English Major who can’t get a job?” She said yes. Hopefully I won’t have to know if she was telling the truth.

Through the culmination of several events which led to a serious amount of self-reflection, I realized I have two choices. One: I let it get me down, cower away from new opportunities, and become complacent in my development as a writer and professional. Or two: I digest my feelings and use my desire to better myself to do just that. Spoiler alert: I chose the latter option.

In doing this, I’ve been asking friends from school who live in the New York City area if there would be any way they could house me for next summer. To my surprise, many have been very supportive. While I still need to actually get an internship, knowing that I can look in NYC is a huge momentum booster. It’s relieving to be able to consider more than 75% of the opportunities I find rather than sift through 99% of them to find an opportunity in the northeastern Ohio area (which could still, even after all that sorting, be completely wrong for me).

This upcoming summer, it is my goal to secure an internship in New York with a literary agency, an area of the publishing process which I find most intriguing as of now. I’m very excited to try to make this happen!


If you have any tips or words of encouragement (I love attention), please feel free to drop a comment!



What This Whole Thing is About

Hello, my name is Doug and I love to write. I’m an English major – go figure – at Skidmore College. I wanted to start this blog/page in order to have a place to share my fiction as well as reviews of movies and books and anything else I like.

Please feel free to browse around and comment and get into contact with me. I love feedback and I’d be happy to talk to anyone about writing. Of course, I’ve only been writing seriously for about the last year and a half, but I’m hoping to continue improving.

Thanks to everyone!